"J. LaSalle LB-33 Pernambuco, "Octagonal", Custom Designed Violin Bow
1937 Kay M-1 Serial Number 1186 First Year of Kay Basses SOLD
1939 Kay C-1 Vintage Refinished Upright Bass Serial # 6415 SOLD
1941 Kay S-51 Chubby Jackson 5 String Upright Bass SOLD
1948 Kay C-1 Upright Bass Vintage American Bass SOLD
1949 Kay C-1 Model Serial # 20268 Vintage American Bass SOLD
1958-American-Standard-Upright-Bass SOLD
1960 Epiphone Upright Bass made by Gibson SOLD
1960 German Mittenvald Laminated Bass with KILLER SOUND SOLD
1960 Kay S-9 Swingmaster Blonde Upright Bass SOLD
1961 Kay C-1 Bass SOLD
1963 German Upright Bass by Ernst Heinrich Roth SOLD
1969 Johan Rauner German Bass SOLD
1972 Vintage Engelhardt Upright Bass Highly Flamed SOLD
1977 Suzuki 3/4 Upright Bass all laminated construction SOLD
1979 Engelhardt C-1 3/4 Upright Acoustic Bass SOLD
1995 Romanian Made Klengel Upright Bass Solid Carved Woods SOLD
1998 German Eberle All Carved 3/4 Upright Bass SOLD
2001 Bulgarian 5 String 3/4 Upright Bass from Gollihur SOLD
3/4 Christopher Upright Double Bass Busetto Corners BIG Bottom End
SOLD - 1961 King Mortone Blonde Upright Bass Serial #4270
SOLD - 1941 Kay M-1 Serial Number 9460 Maestro Violin Corners Upright Bass American Made
SOLD - Calin Wultur 2008 Carcassi Model Upright Bass made in Reghin Romania Europe
-SOLD-1920ís German All Solid Carved 3/4 Upright Bass
LIST of Used and Vintage Upright Basses at FMI
NEW Weedwacker PRO Rockabilly Slap Bass Strings 4, 5, or 6 String Sets
SOLD - 1930 Czech Bass all solid carved flat back upright bass Made in Czechoslovakia
SOLD - 1960s Epiphone Upright Bass Huge Sounding
SOLD - 1959 King Mortone Upright Bass
SOLD - 1960 German Carved Spruce Top Solid Maple Flat Back and Sides
SOLD - Christopher DB402T Removable Neck Upright Bass 3/4 - Gently Used
SOLD - Clevinger DEL-5 1998 Honey Amber - 5 String Electric Upright Bass
SOLD -1937 Kay M-4 Dark Blonde Vintage Upright Double Bass
SOLD -1959 Kay Upright Bass #41911
SOLD -2008 EG9 Engelhardt Blonde Swingmaster 3/4 Upright Bass
SOLD -1937 Blonde Kay Swingmaster Upright Bass Removable Neck Rigged
SOLD -1940 German Made Wilfer Upright Bass Vintage Jazz Orchestral Bass
SOLD 1940 Epiphone Upright Bass Serial # 396
SOLD- 1939 Kay M-1W 3/4 Serial #6407 Upright Bass
SOLD- 1945 Kay M-1 Maestro Upright Bass Serial # 12557 Excellent Condition
SOLD- 1946 Kay M-1 3/4 #13103 Upright Bass
SOLD- 1948 Kay Bass M-1B Serial #17270 - Amazing Condition
SOLD- 1954 Kay C-1 #36166 Upright Bass
SOLD- 1959 Kay M-1 Maestro Upright Bass serial # 41,911
SOLD- 1978 Engelhardt C-1 3/4 Upright Bass Serial # 21999
SOLD- 1996 ES9 Engelhardt Blonde Swingmaster Upright Bass 3/4 #69382
SOLD- Framus German made Upright Bass Removable Neck Converted at FMI
SOLD- Kay 1939 M-1 #4860 Upright Bass
SOLD- Milano MB-40 Ebony Fingerboard Upright Bass Removable Neck Converted at FMI
SOLD-1940 Kay C-1 Concert Model Serial # 7417-1/2 Great Condition

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