FMI Synthetic Gut BASS STRINGS Closer to Real Gut Strings than Nylon Weedwackers
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FMI Synthetic Gut BASS STRINGS Closer to Real Gut Strings than Nylon Weedwackers

Hand Made in the USA, one at a time!

Very authentic gut sound and feel, but slightly higher tension with this Heavy Gauge Set
Don't break and go out of tune like Gut tend to do!
** Now you can choose wound E and A for better cutting, bigger acoustic sound **
*Order pairs or single strings in drop down menu too!*

Get the wound E and A for Bluegrass and any style where you want the E and A to sound off good acoustically. You need the wound E and A to have a good acoustic sound. The plain synthetic gut E/A are good amplified, but pretty weak acoustically.

Great flexible slapping action, fantastic warm tone !
Ends of D & G strings are knotted and washered, E and A are knotted.

To install, you pull each string thru it's tailpiece hole back to front, and up to scroll of bass and insert into tuning peg holes.
The big knots will never come undone and the washers will prevent pulling thru the tailpiece.

Play LONG Gigs without tearing your fingers up!
If you can't afford $300 and up gut, and DON'T want tuning and breakage issues, these are the next best thing going for great slapping sound and action, and WARM tone to the MAXXX!!
RICH and satisfying Acoustic sound and they amplify well.

Lifetime warranty on the plain synthetic gut against fraying or breakage. Send broken or damaged one in for free replacement.

The slap sound gives a good clean click without heavy metallic slap like steel strings and some other slap strings do.
Great for Jazz, Bluegrass, Country, Gospel etc; can be heard throughout a LARGE room, and if you're amplifying then of course they'll be heard well at any gig.

WE SHIP promptly all over the world!
We've been doing slap strings longer than any other active maker.