Weedwacker PRO Rockabilly Slap Bass Strings

<font color=red>NEW</font> Weedwacker PRO Rockabilly Slap Bass Strings 4, 5, or 6 String Sets
NEW Weedwacker PRO Rockabilly Slap Bass Strings 4, 5, or 6 String Sets
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Product Description

Weedwacker PRO Nylon Bass Strings. The next generation of Weedwacker Bass Strings are here. We have worked very hard with, and for, our slap bass players to develop exactly what would improve the tension and volume of the E and A weedwacker strings so that slap bass players don’t have to struggle with floppy E/A strings or wait so long for the nylon bass strings to "settle in" (a characteristic of all nylon to stretch out under stress). We have come up with a very unique kevlar core nylon line that is thicker and stiffer than the usual gauges. Costs more but delivers a bigger better sound. The PROOF is in the feel and sound of our Pro's.

You should SEE the faces of players who try them in our shop, they light up BIG TIME because these Weedwacker Pro strings are a BIG Improvement:
  • Bigger volume of E and A bass sound you can really hear, especially the A
  • Stiffer E/A - give more control, faster slap, useful for bluegrass etc
  • A little more sustain than other weedwackers

    Embed of video playing these strings:

    This video showcases new Weedwacker Pro's on Saul's bass.
    We just finished doing setups to his bass and installing the Pro's.

    Short statement by a guy who came in our shop:

    Ray Ramirez Basses in Puerto Rico puts our Weedwackers on his electric upright basses for that Latin Bass Sound.

    Weedwacker Pro feedback from Pro bassist Jimbo Wallace, Slap upright bass player for the popular band, Reverend Horton Heat. “Hey Tom , Jimbo here. We just got back from Germany where we played at a big psychobilly festival called Satanic Stomp. Brad at King Double Bass flew over for a bass giveaway and to provide a bass for me to play. Anyway, it had Eurosonic strings on it and it made me really miss the beefyness of the Weedwacker Pro's. As you recall we had been in the studio recording our new cd and I used my Pro's on the new stuff. They sounded great ! Everyone was quite impressed with the tone. I also enjoyed the playability of the strings. They are smooth, bassy, with great natural sounding attack (slap, tick). We are still in the mixing stage of the recording but as soon as that's done, I'll send you a copy along with photo's ! I'm preaching the gospel of Weedwacker Pro's to everyone I meet. It would be nice to have a few cards with your contact info to pass out to the bass players I meet in my travels on the road! People ask about my sound all the time. …Thanks again for everything. Later, Jimbo”

    ==> Here's another bass player commenting on his Weedwacker Pro's: "...The "Pro" strings seem to have better clarity. The Jam went really well. Like I said in the earlier e-mail it was a really noisy room and everyone could hear them fine. ...I tried another brand, Salty Dog, and just did not like the sound. Too soft and not enough volume. Thanks again for a good product. I'm very satisfied with them. William Hicks"

    AND one more bassist giving his experience: "Hi Tom, I play them on my second bass and they are a good choice....better than the old thin weedwackers(hbss - Hillbilly Slap Strings) from Larry, much better...they`re the closest string to gut.......and my alternative string, if I don't play guts. Greets Herbert" from Germany. Bassist and lead vocalist for the "Greyhounds". Click here for recordings with these strings in his band.

    And yet another: "Good Day I recieved my Rad Red Weedwacker Pros this week and have them on a Romainian Bass and wow what a difference great boom and that is what i have been looking for. Will be placing another order soon as i have a friend who likes the sound of them and he has 7 bass`s lol. thank you so much and can`t say enough but they are awesome strings for bluegrass, Randy Pierson Port Dover Ontario Canada"

    What you get:
  • 4 string set of our special Nylon with Kevlar Core
  • Bigger volume
  • Stiffer E/A - give more control, faster slap, useful for bluegrass etc
  • Hold tune MUCH faster, especially the E and A strings
  • Strings stretch out and stay in tune within 2-3 days as compared to 2-3 weeks.
  • More sustain
  • Great on Electric Uprights with “Piezo” type pickups too. They give a big fat warm bass tone and can be bowed as well.
  • Lifetime warranty against fraying or breakage
  • Available in 5 colors:
    Black, Clear-Grey, Electric Green, Gut Tone and Rad Red.
    Choose from the “String Color” drop-down menu below.

    As with all our FMI Weedwacker Bass Strings, play LONG Gigs without tearing your fingers up! The slap sound gives a good clean click without heavy metallic slap like steel strings and some other slap strings do. Great for Psychobilly, Bluegrass, Country and Gospel too. Can be heard throughout a LARGE room, and if you're amping them, of course they'll be heard well at any gig. If you can't afford $250 and up for gut, these are the next best thing going for great slapping sound and action, and WARM tone. BIG Acoustic sound and they amplify well so why wait any longer, grab a set or two of nylon Weedwacker PRO Strings for your bass

    Of course, our original Weedwackers are still great but if you want the biggest fattest bass tone, or don’t have the time for the originals to “settle in”, try the new Weedwacker PRO’s. You'll be happy with them or your money back.

    Product Note: The tailpiece ends of the D & G strings are knotted then swaged with a stop sleeve (a metal cylinder pinched on tightly) to prevent them from pulling thru the tailpiece. The E and A are only knotted, as the metal sleeve is not needed (don't worry, they won't pull through). Each string also fitted with an E, A, D or G label.

    Weedwacker pro strings will get you a big fat latin jazz and salsa sound. You can go with lighter gauge looser weedwacker strings than the Regular Pro's, and you will get looser lower tension strings and less punch and volume than the Pro's.

    You can install the regular Weedwacker Pros over bridge and nut without widening the notches as long as they don’t slip off, but the E and A pegs will have to be drilled open wider to hold the thicker E/A strings. A 7/32" drill bit will easily drill the soft metal of the peg wider so the thicker E/A strings fit. Weedwacker Pro's are here: http://store.gotofmi.com/fcoweprorosl.html

    If you do not want to drill out the pegs, and you don't mind pretty loose and floppy strings, the Weedwacker Pro Lite set will fit without drilling. They can be ordered here: http://store.gotofmi.com/weprolislbas.html

    You get the punchiest sound with most volume from the Weedwacker Pros. And the tension is closer to metal strings for usual feel for plucking.

    The Pro Lites still have the fat short sustain sound and may be amplified to be loud enough, and they will be very loose feeling and very light touch to play. Some players prefer the super light tension strings.

    Innovation Super Silver strings here: http://store.gotofmi.com/susislbast.html are thin enough to install easily, have a nylon core with nylon winding, and will give a short fat sound good for Latin salsa and jazz. They have a more cutting edge sound than weedwackers, and have a strong acoustic sound where weedwackers do not sound strong acoustically.

    WE SHIP PROMPTLY all over the world.
    Shipping/Handling is $8.50 for US Priority in the U.S. and
    $19.95 for international customers via First Class International Mail.
    $39.00 for Priority Mail Int'l.
    Express to Europe is $55.00 with 3 to 5 day delivery time and tracking number,
    very dependable fast delivery.
    Get a few sets of strings at once, or get a bass pickup too and pay no extra shipping!

    Shipping to ITALY we recommend the $55.00 Express with Tracking number and quick 3-5 day delivery. Priority is $39.00, gets no tracking number and takes 1 to 2 weeks usually to Italy, sometimes more. Priority gets a customs label number which only tells when it has cleared customs and been delivered.
    First Class Mail Int'l for $19.95 to Italy has been taking 1 to 2 MONTHS and more to arrive.

    No need to widen notches in nut or bridge of your bass unless these thicker weedwackers slip off. THEN widen only enough to keep the strings from slipping off.
    Gauges of Weedwacker Pro's are:
    4 string set .195, .170, .105, .095 - in 5 colors
    5 string set .195, .195, .170, .105, .095 Low B to G - in 5 colors
    5 string set .195, .170, .105, .095, .065 E to high C - black only
    6 string set .195, .195, .170, .105, .095, .065 Low B to high C - black only.

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