FMI Real Gut Bass Strings for Upright Bass
Item# FMI-RealGutBassStrings
Regular price: $159.00
Sale price: $85.00
FMI Real Gut Bass Strings:  Order Eurosonic wound E and A here: 

Product Description

FMI Real Gut Bass Strings for Upright Bass

Highest Quality Real Gut Bass Strings for Upright Bass Players of all genres music

Sale priced at only $85 for D and G strings for limited time!
SALE includes a whole set of plain Real Guts for $190 if you need that.

We tie knots and put Aluminum Stops on the D and G strings for easiest installation.

Get the G and D guts only and use your favorite A and E strings,
or order the triple set with ADG plain guts,
or go for the whole set of 4 plain guts EADG.
Drop down menu lets you pick and choose what all gut strings to order.

European made gut strings with quality control to ensure very nice playing guts.
Get that traditional Gut feel and sound with these babies.

Order a Eurosonic Wound E or Wound E and A along with Real Gut DG to have easy playing matching tension E and A that speak clearly.
We dye Eurosonic Lights brown to use for Wound E and A.
This is how the wound Eurosonic E and A look- never mind the plain guts overlaying them.: