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Vintage and Used Basses with Prices =sign in front means good photo shoot done.

=1796 Bill Johnson’s 200+ yr old bass $10,000 Bill Johnson was a jazz pioneer and the father of slap bass. Still a 3 string, was never converted to 4. Big R-I-C-H amplified sound! String it EAD or ADG, sounds great either way. Wow, it would sound quite unique strung DGC, got to try that!

1880 Flatback Thin Carved Top, Needs Restoration (label inside says 1967 repairs - Murphy SB) $ not ready

1920’s Czech Bass Hybrid 3/4, Amber Shellac Finish $3995

1937 Kay M-1 serial # 1397/1379 JP initials on lower front. Inlaid ebony purfling, ebony fingerboard/nut.

1939 Kay C-1 serial # 5874 neck repaired. Gorgeous brown refinish, $2500 Ready Now

1940’s German (US Zone) labeled Carved top bass, 3/4 scale, Macassar ebony fingerboard, will setup for your style of music with up to $250 Evah Pirazzi strings- $4500

1941 Kay M-1 Bass Serial # 9406 New neck with Ebony Fingerboard, pro setup, great sounding bass! $2695

1944 Kay M-1 serial # 11447, replacing neck with Engelhardt neck/FB, body in outstanding condition- edges very intact. $2995 not ready

1953 Kay TV-21 serial # 31167 broken neck that we’ll fix up to be removable.

*1957 King Mortone removeable neck conversion done, roughed up edges- rough looking but very solid, strong sounding American made bass. $2195 ready

=1959 King Mortone in very good condition. Back logo perfect, tailpiece logo 80% perfect. Repaired neck heel. Plays and sounds super. $2495 not ready

=1960’s German Solid Flatback, Carved Top - Repaired Neck Heel $2250

1960’s German all laminate 5/8 upright bass, Spirocore Light Strings, ebony Fingerboard $1695

1961 American Standard Blonde with black neck, serial # $3195

1961 King Mortone Blonde with immaculate body and decal/logos, repaired neck $3695

1984 Engelhardt EC-1 Golden Blonde #33957 $1900 with Pro Setup, has fixed bridge

1997 Engelhardt EM-1 Golden Blonde #71611 $1900 with Pro Setup, has adj bridge

1991 Erich Pfretschner 3/4 Model 890 all laminate European made. $1295

2001 Engelhardt EM-1 serial # 82312 Honey blonde $1695 – probly loaned to Cody Bryant in May 2015

2010 Shen SB-150 Carved top 3/4 bass, like new but warmer sounding! $2295- rented out

Milano MB-12 bass that is uniquely used looking , removable neck conversion done, $1695. It’s all laminate with painted maple fingerboard, good workhorse brown lacquer finished bass. ready $1695

2002 Cremona SB-1 Kustom Bass, sparkle black with white trimmed edges, Krivo magnetic pickup, Removable Neck! $2495 ready

2009 DB-102K 5/8 Christopher bass with Spirocore strings, all laminate model. $1899 not ready

Newer basses:
Milano MB-40 3/4 bass, ebony fingerboard, big sounding new basses in stock, fully setup with nice strings for $1395. ready, with Spirocore strings is $160 more Milano MB-40F Flamed maple veneers 3/4 Bass, ebony fingerboard, huge sound, pro setup $1495 Ready

Milano MLB-200HFH nice sounding gorgeous looking new carved top bass 3/4 size $2695 Rich and warm tone with a defined cutting edge to it great for Jazz ! Ready

Milano MB-100S carved top ebony fingerboard standard size 3/4 bass, very nice warm bass tone. $2195 Ready

2007 Christopher DB504 3/4 $ too low to Post !

2007 Christopher Gofriller Replica $ too low to Post !

2011 Christopher DBM Gofriller Replica $ too low to Post !

2015 Calin Wulter “Carcassi #5” Serial #111856 made in Reghin Romania $6500

=2015 Calin Wulter “Hybrid Spirit” Serial #111855 made in Reghin Romania $3750

2014 Calin Wulter “Corsini” Serial #110558 made in Reghin Romania $6500 poplar back

2015 Maple Leaf Strings – MLS130 ¾ Serial #440931 all solid carved, arched back, deep rich orchestral sound! $3995 FANTASTIC orchestral BASS !!

2015 Maple Leaf Strings – MLS112B 3/4 Serial #440720 graduated laminated construction $1795

=2012 Christopher DB303T 3/4 Repaired Neck Heel, $2395 Carved top bass.

=2013 Christopher DB402T 3/4 RN Model – New – Immaculate $4750 Ready

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LIST of Used and Vintage Upright Basses at FMI
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