Upright Bass Nylon Weedwacker Strings Kevlar Core for GREAT ACTION! Great for Rockabilly, Psychobilly etc

Weedwacker Upright Double Bass Strings for Rockabilly  Many Colors Kevlar Core Nylon
Weedwacker Upright Double Bass Strings for Rockabilly Many Colors Kevlar Core Nylon
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Product Description

Different Colors of Weedwacker Upright Bass Nylon Strings for any amplified bass playing- including Rockabilly, Psychobilly or Bluegrass!!!

Rockabilly Nylon Strings Weedwackers for Upright Bass; Kevlar Core Super Strings!!

Also spelled Weed Wacker, Weedwhacker or Weed Whacker Strings - best known as Weedwackers.

These High tension kevlar core weedwacker strings are EASY on the fingers because of the lower tension, smooth nylon surface and thicker diameter than steel strings.
Play LONG Gigs without tearing your fingers up!

If you can't afford $250 gut these are the next best thing going for great slapping sound and action, and WARM tone to the MAXXX!!

Lifetime warranty against fraying or breakage.

Recent customer feedback: "Dear Tom, Two weeks ago I ordered FMI weedwackers and got them a few days later (!!) . Yesterday I put them on my double bass. What a great sound !! and of course a great look. Thank you very much. For me there will be no other strings on my double bass anymore. Greetings from Holland, Bert Radstake"

I've had numerous rockabilly bass players come to my store and play one of my basses setup with these weedwacker strings. They always start grinning and slapping like a rockin' fool. It's pretty obvious they LOVE these strings for rockabilly and psychobilly slap playing.
The slap sound gives a good clean click without heavy metallic overtones like steel strings do. AND they are more flexible, lower tension than steel, and easier to handle in every way than steel strings.

Great for Bluegrass and Gospel as well, can be heard throughout a LARGE room, and if you're amping then of course they'll be heard well at any gig.

Highest quality Nylon material, and best research to find the best gauges of strings for strongest sound while maintaining ease of slap, AND enough tension to hold the bridge in place during aggressive slapping.
Lighter gauge nylon weedwackers have been too loose for some aggressive slappers and their bridges have come loose while playing.
THESE Weedwackers eliminate that problem.

They amplify well so why wait any longer, grab a set or two of weedwackers for your bass.

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