RB-4 Rockabilly Upright Bass Pro Custom Paint Job of Top Notch Quality Metallic Automotive Paint

RB-4 Rockabilly Upright Bass Pro
RB-4 Rockabilly Upright Bass Pro
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Product Description

RB-4 Rockabilly Upright Bass Pro

RB-4 Rockabilly Upright Bass Pro Rockabilly set-ups. This gorgeous bass is ready for the stage! Perfectly setup/adjusted for rockabilly/bluegrass music by our custom setup shop.
Just put your choice of strings on for your style of playing if you want to play jazz or orchestral. This bass is ready to play any style because of the properly shaped fingerboard, nut and bridge.

Email from recent buyer of one of these gorgeous basses:
"We recently auditioned for a more upscale venue called the Rancho Bernardo Inn, and they really, really liked us. They'll be adding us into their regular Live Music rotation, probably starting in the winter, I'm guessing.
If I get some good footage there, I'll send it your way.
The bass is a big hit everywhere. Gets plenty of ooohs and aaaaahs. Folks love it.
I could play it crappy, they wouldn't care.
It just looks freaking gorgeous. And - coincidentally -
a restaurant we routinely gig at out in the desert (Borrego Springs) has blue ceilings & upholstery that match the bass just perfectly.
Go figure! People come up to take pics of it all the time. -Thanks! Brian”

Big sounding all laminate bass with standard spruce top and maple sides and back. Crack proof construction makes it ideal for traveling, BIG SOUND makes it ideal for unamped gigs.

Comes with black kevlar core weedwacker strings on the one pictured, can change them out if you wish for strings of your choice - let us know what strings you want.

This is a custom, Made-to-order Bass. Pinsriping varies because they are hand painted. If you have a specific pinstripe design in mind just explain it to us in detail or email us a picture. If you would like a different color bass and pinstripes, you can "choose your own custom colors" by picking this option below. We will call and work with you about this. We can paint it any color you want. Our contact information is at the bottom of the page if you want to talk about this.

Features include:
  • Custom, made-to-order Rockabilly bass
  • PRO Rockabilly set-ups
  • 2 Color Hand-Painted custom pinstriping
  • Select spruce top
  • Maple back and sides
  • Arched-back construction
  • 24:1 ratio Tyrolean-style machine heads
  • Ebonized Hardwood fingerboard and nut
  • Ebonized wood tailpiece
  • Aged northern maple bridge cut to fit
  • Deluxe Brazilwood bow with unbleached white horsehair
  • Deluxe Padded Nylon bag

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    The customer will need to make up the difference between the initial $159 shipping and the actual shipping costs. In any case, FMI will contact you if there is additional shipping due.
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  • Accessories

    K&K Bass Master Rockabilly Plus Preamp<br>Upright Bass Pickup

    K&K Bass Master Rockabilly Plus Preamp Upright Bass Pickup
    The K&K Rockabilly bass pickup was developed by longtime bassist Bob Gollihur in conjuction with "K&K Sound". The PLUS model is the latest K&K Rockabilly Pickup system complete with click and bass pickups and
    preamp with 3 band EQ and volume knobs for each channel

    The first component, the popular Bass Max, is mounted in the bridge wing. Two transducers are combined using a sandwich technique, in order to maximize and enhance vibrations captured from the entire bridge. Due to its specialized construction, only one unit is necessary to provide an even signal from all four (or five) of the double bass' strings. Its strong midrange power is ideal for cutting through the mix in loud rockabilly situations, or providing a warm and supportive line for country bluegrass.

    The specially modified single transducer is ideal for capturing fingerboard sounds. Its unique size and shape allows precision placement and the equalization from the preamplifier lets the player blend in just the right amount of slap, growl, and other fingerboard sounds to reach their audience. This allows the player to achieve the exact sound coloration and effect they desire.

    The Dual Channel Mixer has internal gain, bass, treble trim pots for each pickup, allowing impressive +/- 20dB tonal adjustments. External volume controls let you balance the volumes of the bridge and fingerboard transducers on the fly. A convenient belt clip is included with this compact preamplifier, which weighs a mere ten ounces with the battery installed. A six foot, high quality three conductor (1/4 inch stereo) cable is included to complete the package. The Bass Master RB Plus includes an extra output in the preamp.

    Product specs are:
  • Bridge Wing: 22 mm diameter, 4 mm thick
  • Fingerboard: 12.5 x 10mm, 0.7 mm thick
  • Preamp: 3" x 3.5" x 1" Input
  • Impedance: 1 MegOhm (each channel)
  • Output Impedance: 10K Ohms
  • Input: Stereo 1/4" | Output: Mono 1/4 "
  • Cable: 6 foot, 1/4" stereo plugs
  • Power: 9 volt battery (not included)

    WE SHIP PROMPTLY all over the world.
    Shipping/Handling is $10.00 for US Priority in the U.S. and
    $29.95 for international customers via First Class International Mail.
    $49.75 for Priority Mail Int'l.
    Express to Europe is $49.95 with 3 to 5 day delivery time and tracking number,
    very dependable fast delivery.

    to ITALY we recommend the $49.95 Express with Tracking number and quick 3-5 day delivery. Priority is $34.95, gets no tracking number and takes 1 to 2 weeks usually to Italy, sometimes more. Priority gets a customs label number which only tells when it has cleared customs and been delivered.
    First Class Mail Int'l to Italy has been taking 1 to 2 MONTHS and more to arrive.

    Choose only what part of this pickup outfit you want in drop down menu below.
    Choices are:
  • Fingerboard "click" pickup only - wire ends in 1/4" jack mounts to D/G strings above tailpiece $79
  • Fingerboard click and Bass Max pickups wired together, no preamp $198
  • Bass Max pickup only - ends in 1/4" jack, wedges into wing of bridge for big fat bass sound $139
  • Rockabilly Preamp only - stereo cable input, 2 mono outputs $169
  • Dual Channel K&K Pro Preamp for blending your existing bass pickup with the K&K Fingerboard "click" pickup - 2 inputs and 1 output $169
  • Regular price: $495.00
    Sale price: $349.00
    K&K Bass Master Rockabilly Plus Preamp
    Upright Bass Pickup

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