CACL-28 Eastman Z-Tek "Deluxe" Fiberglass 4/4 Cello Case with WHEELS

CACL-28 Eastman Z-Tek "Deluxe" Fiberglass 4/4 Cello Case with WHEELS
CACL-28 Eastman Z-Tek "Deluxe" Fiberglass 4/4 Cello Case with WHEELS
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CACL-28 Eastman Z-Tek "Deluxe" Fiberglass 4/4 Cello Case with WHEELS

CACL-28 Eastman Z-Tek "Deluxe" Fiberglass 4/4 Cello Case with WHEELS

Shipping rates went WAY up but i have a deep discount account now that keeps it down around $100 for these large boxed items.
56"x22"x14" are dimensions of the box they ship in.

These can be picked up with NO SHIPPING COST TO YOU, after being ordered and gotten in stock, at our store location in Pasadena, CA.

Top rated fiberglass cello case by Eastman.
Product review: Excerpted from “Strings” magazine, Feburary/March 2003, No. 108. Top Cello Cases.
"To help make your shopping experience a little easier, we've polled dozens of Strings readers, players, and instrument dealers in an online survey to find their views on the best cello cases for short-distance travel. We discovered that there are many more short-distance travelers lugging cellos around than we had originally thought—nearly everyone surveyed traveled with a cello more than three times per week. And the cases they use vary from mere gig bags to valises better suited for airline travel. But a majority gravitate to a specific set of case criteria: prices between $600 and $900, lightweight durability, a suspension system, and secure locks and closures. Although most participants aren’t sold on the newer cello-case models that sport wheels, most agree that backpack straps are essential. Although high prices are a prevalent concern, many survey participants concede that investing in a good-quality case can save money in the long run, in both cello repair and replacement-case purchases.

"J.W. Eastman - The Z-Tek Deluxe case has a solid layer of suspension padding, including a rim of extra filling around the cello bouts and at the scroll. Other features include a well-designed neck block and scroll harness. The case sports a heavy-weather gasket, rubber valance, and keyed locks. Many of our survey participants recommended Eastman cases for their reliability, lightweight design, and well-padded interiors.

"Specifications: J.W. Eastman Z-Tek Deluxe, (available without wheels and pull handle in the 'Classic' model)10.25 lbs., 4/4 Size Only. Now Available in: black, blue, dark green, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, off white, and yellow, all with burgundy or camel interior." by Heather K. Scott, "Strings" Magazine.

Inside measurements are:
Upper bout 14-1/4" to the foam liner, 14-5/8" with the foam compressed gently
Lower bout 17-1/2" to the foam liner, 18-1/8" with the foam compressed gently
Peg box width 7-1/4" for lower pegs, 7" at upper pegs.
49" total inside length for body plus 3" space for endpin.

Features include:
  • Hidden top handle and wheels for even easier transportation
  • Handcrafted Fiberglass smooth finish Cello Case with Hygrometer
  • Crafted using vacuum molded Z-tek™ technology for a stronger yet even lighter waterproof fiberglass case
  • Total instrument suspension interior with molded foam padding
  • Plush covered foam lining
  • Hygrometer
  • Seven draw-bolt latches for a weather-tight seal
  • 2 Bow holders
  • Accessory compartment
  • Shoulder strap and back pack straps
  • Available sizes: 4/4 only
  • This case was one of the favorites picked in an independent survey by "Strings" magazine!
  • Available colors: black, blue, dark green, orange, pink, purple (pictured), lavender (pictured), red, silver, off white, and yellow.

    Customer feedback:
    "Dear Chris,
    This is Luis Sardá from Caracas - Venezuela. I got the cello case I ordered last week in perfect condition. The case is beautiful just as you advertise it, and I am 1000% satisfied for your speedy service. I will certainly get the word around the town about you people and will be coming back to you very soon.
    Thanks for everything,
    Luis Sardá
    Principal Cellist
    Venezuelan National Philharmonic Orchestra"

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