3/4 Christopher Upright Double Bass Busetto Corners BIG Bottom End ! BIG Sounding BASS

3/4 Christopher Upright Double Bass Busetto Corners BIG Bottom End
3/4 Christopher Upright Double Bass Busetto Corners BIG Bottom End
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Product Description

3/4 Christopher Upright Double Bass Busetto Corners, BIG Bottom End!

All Solid Carved woods double bass, Busetto Shape Corners, Awesome Bass.

Only 1 or 2 left in the 500 or 600 Series Top Christopher Model.
Call our Cell 626-316-2690 if serious.

Carved Spruce top and carved Maple Back. Sides and back are properly dried and aged maple. Rich and Vibrant Tone! 3/4 Size 4 string in this Busetto model, upgrade to the 500 Series for a 7/8 5 string. Only made in 4 string unless special ordered. 5 string 7/8 models ARE made in the higher grade 504 and 604 basses. Same features as described above for the Gamba shaped model. All solid carved and mildly flamed bass. This is the beautifully shaped Busetto model shown in the picture.
Features include:
  • Solid hand carved spruce top
  • Solid hand carved mildly flamed maple back and sides
  • Ebony fingerboard - the best ebony from West Africa
  • Adjustable bridge
  • Ebony tailpiece
  • Single brass machines, "Rubner" machines available upon request
  • Hand rubbed spirit varnish in golden brown with shading

    Picture is of a 5 string 500 series model DB504F5 that I sent to a Pro player in Hawaii named Chris Albrecht albrechtc001@hawaii.rr.com

    Superb setup/new bass adjustments in our shop with adjustable bridge included. NO ONE ELSE is offering custom setups on these basses before shipping to you!

    Price includes great setups including dressing the fingerboard for smooth playing action. Really low jazz action takes $165 more work on the fingerboard as I REALLY work it over for a LOW jazz action when desired. I can dial in a 3 to 4 mm height for the G and D strings and not much higher on the A and E! I get RAVE reviews on this low jazz action as it is EXTREMELY low and fast easy playing without buzzing and rattling. Tell me just how low you want it and I'll work it down to that height. 3 mm at the G string is a super low setup, 5 to 6 mm leaves enough height to dig in harder but still low enough along the fingerboard for a low fast playing bass. USE THE ADJUSTERS to raise a low jazz action higher so you can dig in more without buzzing/rattling.

    Call 626-794-7334 for current special on these basses!

    Here are some prices on the upper level Christopher basses:
  • DB502 3/4 gamba is $5995 shipped
  • DB503 3/4 violin shape is $5995 shipped
  • DB503 7/8 violin shape is $6445 shipped
  • DB503 7/8 5 string Violin corners is $6770 shipped
  • DB504 3/4 Busetto shape is $6370 shipped
  • DB504 7/8 Busetto shape is $6770 shipped
  • DB504 7/8 5 string Busetto shape is $7670 shipped.

  • DB602 3/4 Gamba is $7570 shipped to lower 48 states
  • DB603 3/4 is $7570 shipped to lower 48 states.
  • DB603 7/8 violin corners is $7870 shipped.
  • DB603 7/8 5 string violin corners is $8970shipped.
  • DB604 7/8 busetto shape is $8450 shipped.
  • DB604 7/8 5 string busetto shape is $9870 shipped.

    More models are available, email or call for availability of what you want size and shape wise.

    Here are the dimensions of the 7/8 basses in gamba or violin corner shapes:
    total length 190 cm 74.8 inches
    body length 116 cm 45.7 inches
    string length 106 cm 41.7 inches
    upper bout 52.2 cm 20.7 inches
    waist 40 cm 15.7 inches
    lower bout 69.6 cm 27.4 inches
    rib depth at neck heel is 17.8 cm 7 inches
    rib depth at C bout is 22.2 cm 8.75 inches

    Christopher is also making M Gofriller and Amati 3/4 and 5/8 model basses. Call for availability.
    You can also order several models of Christopher basses to be made with European tonewoods if you desire.

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