Set-ups for Folk and Bluegrass Style Basses

Bluegrass Bass Setups
Bluegrass Bass Setups
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Bluegrass Bass Setups

Setup prices below are for instruments bought here at FMI, slightly higher for instruments brought in to us for setups.
Much like rockabilly but a little lower action. We lower the nut, lower, thin and shape the bridge for a great bluegrass upright bass action.

I leave the strings about as high as orchestral style, and don't shape the bridge for easy bowing. It can still be bowed but with less room for error in the angle of your bowing. I DO shape the bridge to get each string down to its proper height above the fingerboard.

If you'll be amplifying, and are on a small budget for strings, I highly recommend getting it setup with "weedwacker" strings for an easy playing warm sounding bass. Unamped the weedwacker E and A can be too soft sounding, amped they are fantastic.

When I setup with "weedwacker" strings I shape the notches in the nut and bridge to be friendly to these thicker softer strings. You can still put regular steel strings on my "weedwacker" string setup if you want and it will perform properly.
We lower and reshape the nut, lower, thin and shape the bridge for standard bluegrass action. (Sometimes the fingerboard needs dressing/sanding reshaping so a low enough string action can be attained).

Ask for Innovation or Eurosonic strings for a BIG WARM sound!

Click Order below to choose rockabilly setup with the steel strings that come on the bass, or choose the upgrades (Includes installation).

Sometimes the fingerboard needs planing/sanding to shape it properly for a lower smoother playing action. ALL new upright bass fingerboards need this handling for a real low action as needed for jazz playing. Some fingerboards need this handling for a smooth low enough rockabilly, bluegrass or orchestral action.
On these troubled fingerboard basses the action has to be left fairly high until the fingerboard work is done. The nut and bridge can be shaped for a proper bluegrass playing action, just left a bit high because of the fingerboard work needed.
You can order "PRO FINGERBOARD SHAPING FOR low ACTION" to include the fingerboard work if you want to ensure you get a superb low smooth playing bluegrass bass.

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