Upright Bass Hard Case 3/4 Size with Wheels, Lightweight. Great "Roadie" case.

Upright Bass Hard Case 3/4 Size with Wheels, Lightweight
Upright Bass Hard Case 3/4 Size with Wheels, Lightweight
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Upright Bass Hard Case 3/4 Size with Wheels, Lightweight

Out of stock until mid-January 2024

Upright Bass Hard Case 3/4 Size with Wheels, Lightweight.
4/4 Size not available at this time

  • Shell is thick hard styrofoam, very strong and only 18 lbs(8.2Kg)

    Strap high on back of neck makes for easy pulling or pushing. Good big pockets on outside, zipper all around outside and velcro closure flap. Velcro strap over neck holds bass in place well. Is actually larger than an upright bass so is not cheaper to ship. Room for bridge and endpin to not get bumped inside case.

    Great "Roadie" case. This hard case is great for transporting your bass in the van/truck with the rest of the bands gear as it will protect it quite well. Being used often now for airline flights.

    We had a touring pro use one of these cases for 3 years in all kinds of travel including many airline flights. The case held up with only 2 cracks in the inner part of the case, the hard foam sides at the thinnest points above the shoulders, but was still a useful case. He was ready to get a nicer looking new one with good wheels though, so left his old one with us.
    P.S. Many more bands are traveling with this lightweight hard case on planes as it keeps the weight under 50 lbs and is good enough protection in most instances when compared with the much heavier fiberglass trunks. .

    Features are:

  • Empty case weighs 18 pounds
  • Shell is thick hard styrofoam, very strong
  • Side and top reinforced carrying pull straps
  • Hard plastic bumpers on the bottom so the case stands up stably
  • Hard plastic bumpers on the back protect case from scraping the floor
  • 2 bow holders inside with padded strap locks
  • Heavy duty wheels make it easy to haul around
  • Heavy duty velcro strap inside for neck
  • Large sturdy outside zippered music compartment on the back
  • 600 denier ballistic black nylon fabric outside is water repellent

    MEASURE your bass and compare to inside dimensions of this case:

  • Upper Bout Width 21-1/4" (across shoulders)
  • Waist Width 17 1/2"
  • Lower Bout Width 26-1/2"
  • Overall Length 75" (6 feet 3 inches) Plus 3" space for endpin
  • Body Length 47-1/2" lower edge to top of neck heel
  • Rib Height at Waist 9.5"
  • Bridge Clearance 18-3/4"

    The shipping box measures:
  • 82" Tall
  • 35" Wide at the bottom and 17" at top
  • 21" Deep.

    The Bass Case itself measures:
    20-1/2" deep x 29-1/2" wide x 79-3/4" tall, at the widest and tallest points.
    Of course, the case itself, is much wider in the lower part than the upper part.

    3/4 SIZE:
  • Upper Bout Width 20"
  • Lower Bout Width 26-1/2"
  • Overall inside Length 73-3/4" PLUS 3" for endpin
  • Rib Height/Depth 8-1/2"
  • Bridge Clearance 17-1/2"
  • Body Length 46-3/4" lower edge to Top of Neck Heel
  • Body Length 58-1/4" lower edge to Start of Scroll

    4/4 SIZE:
  • Upper Bout Width 21-3/4"
  • Lower Bout Width 27-1/2"
  • Overall inside Length 74-1/2" PLUS 3" for endpin
  • Rib Height/Depth 8-1/2"
  • Bridge Clearance 18"
  • Body Length 46-3/4" lower edge to Top of Neck Heel
  • Body Length 62-1/4" lower edge to Start of Scroll
  • 14-1/2" minimum distance between bottom of scroll and neck heel- this allows bass neck to fit over the accessory compartment. Less than 14-1/2" space on the bass and we'll have to cut the accessory compartment shorter.

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