Click to enlargeSchatten RB Series Bass and Rock-A-Billy Bass Pickups

From Basic Bass to Rockabilly.

...the new RB series offers you a bass pickup tailored to your playing styles and requirements.

Outstanding - Schatten has created a new series of great sounding bass pickups that are easy to install, non-invasive and intelligently designed. The RB series is available in both passive and active formats.

The passive RB pickup models work perfectly well and sound good when plugged straight into any decent quality bass amp.

The active RB models are made for those players that need to be able to plug directly into P.A. systems and prefer to have the convenience of an on board preamp on their bass.

Those players that require a preamp but don't want one on their bass may choose to use the passive RB of their choice and utilize one of our outboard Preamp/DI units.

There are four RB models: (Choose from the drop-down menu below)

The RB-1 (passive) provides our RB bass bridge sensor wired to a small black jack assembly that easily clips between the strings just above the tailpiece. Price $95.95

The RB-1A utilizes the RB sensor and adds a velcro mounted combination preamp and jack assembly that attaches to the back side of the tailpiece. Price $165.95

The RB-2 (passive) provides our RB bridge sensor, black jack assembly and adds a second sensor to the underside of the fingerboard for that Rock-A-Billy string slap. Included with the RB-2 is a pair of integrated thumbwheel volume controls that mount to the underside of the fingerboard that allow for convenient pickup balance and volume adjustment. Price $165.95

The RB-2A gives you everything the RB-2 provides and adds the preamp/jack assembly that attaches to the rear of the tailpiece. Price $225.95

Component technical data:

Main Sensor: The RB sensor element is designed to fit in the wing slot of a bass bridge. Normal placement of the sensor is in the bass side slot. The sensor has a nominal thickness of 0.25" (6.35mm) and requires a slot opening of approximately 0.225" (5.7). The fit of the sensor in the slot is meant to be snug and there is intended to be a slight interference fit. The sensor will compress slightly as it is pushed into the wing slot.

Black Jack Assembly: Provided with the two passive systems (RB-1 and RB-2), the black jack assembly simply clips between the D and A strings just above the tailpiece. The output jack itself is a standard 1/4".

Extra Slap Sensor: Designed for Rock-A-Billy, the Extra Slap Sensor is provided with RB-2 (passive) and RB-2A systems. This extra pickup installs to the underside of the Bass fingerboard with 3M VHB foam tape.

Volume Controls: The RB-2 and RB-2A systems (the systems that have the Extra Slap Sensor) come with thumbwheel volume controls. These units install to the underside of the fingerboard with 3M VHB foam tape.

Preamp/Jack Assembly: This combination Preamp and Jack Assembly comes with the RB-1A and RB-2A systems. The unit installs quickly and easily to the back side of the tailpiece and is held in place with some strong industrial strength velcro.

Shipping is only $5.00 within the U.S.A. and $14.95 for international.

Schatten RB Series Bass and Rock-A-Billy Bass Pickups
RBSeriesBassPickupsRegular price: $109.95Sale price: $95.95

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