DB203 & DB204 Christopher Upright Acoustic Double Bass 3/4 Size Violin or Busetto Model
DB303 Professional Series Hybrid Carved Top Christopher Upright Acoustic Double Bass
DB401 Christopher Prominence Gamba Flat-Back Upright Double Bass
DB402 Christopher Prominence Series Gamba Upright Double Bass
DB403 Christopher Prominence Series Violin Model Upright Double Bass
DB403 Christopher Prominence Series Violin Model Upright Double Bass 7/8 Size
Eastman BC60 Pernambuco Cello Bow
Eastman BC80 Cello Bow Pernambuco
Eastman Model VB95 Antiqued Upright Double Bass Carved Top Hand Rubbed Varnish
Ebony Frog Viola Bow For Sale
Electric Green Weedwacker Upright Double Bass Strings for Rockabilly & Psychobilly Kevlar Core Nylon
Electric Violin Alta Model by G. Edward Lutherie
Eminence Acoustic Electric Upright Double Bass Flamed,
Eminence Acoustic-Electric Upright Bass Flight Case
Eminence Removeable Neck Electric Upright Bass 4 String or 5 String
Engelhardt EM-1B-Blonde Upright MAESTRO BASS
Engelhardt Swingmaster ES9 Upright Bass, gorgeous Blonde American Made Bass!
ES-9 Blonde Engelhardt Upright Bass 2004 Make SOLD
European Made Cellos Violas Mathias Thoma
European Mathias Thoma MT100 Violin Outift Made in Romania
Eurosonic Bass Strings Upright Bass Slap or Pluck Tension
Favorite Links: Artists etc.
Featherweight Student Violin Case
Fishman Full Circle Pickup installed in a Bridge
Fishman Full Circle Upright Bass Pickup
Fishman Upright Bass and Guitar Platinum Pro EQ PreAmp
FMI Basses T-Shirts - 2 Designs
FMI Real Gut Bass Strings for Upright Bass
FMI Synthetic Gut BASS STRINGS Closer to Real Gut Strings than Nylon Weedwackers
FMI Upright Basses - Ebony and Tamarind Bass Tailpieces
Larger String Holes + Bass Clef Inlays!

Framus German made Upright Bass Removable Neck Converted at FMI
Golden Bullet Upright Bass Mic Microphone Pickup
Guardian Deluxe Featherweight Violin Case
Heavy Duty, Fully Padded Gig Bag in Cello and Bass Sizes
Hercules DS590B Upright Bass Stand
HFN-C Series for Classical Nylon String Guitars
High Quality Student Violins $529 to $825
Innovation Braided Solo Bass Strings, Great for Rockabilly
Innovation Golden Slap Bass Strings
Innovation Honey Jazz Bass Strings
Innovation Psycho Slap Bass Strings
Innovation Rockabilly Black Slap Bass Strings
Innovation Rockabilly Red Bass Strings
Innovation Silver Slap Bass Strings
Innovation Super Silver Bass Strings, Great for Bluegrass and Rockabilly
Innovation Ultra Black Bass Strings Low-Medium Tension, Great for Jazz, Bluegrass and Rockabilly
Innovation Upright Bass Strings
Instrument CASES

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