Click to enlargeD'Addario Helicore/Kaplan Solutions Cello Strings Combo

Combining America's favorite, the Helicore C and G, with the new Kaplan Solutions D and A, producing a set that performs on par with any cello combination offered, but at a price affordable to even the novice. Treat yourself to professional level performance strings!

The Helicore C/G give a big strong edgy bass sound while the Kaplan D/A provide a warmth and volume that works well with the C/G.
Great combination of strings!!

Kaplan Solutions strings and stranded steel core tungsten/silver wound G and C Helicore strings for a unique blend of tonal warmth and powerful volume, all while maintaining excellent bow response. It provides excellent balance of power and warmth across the instrument and is ideal for chamber music, orchestral, and solo performance applications.

Priority mailing is only $5.00 to the U.S. states.

D'Addario Helicore/Kaplan Solutions Cello Strings
KSH510Regular price: $239.00Sale price: $155.00

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